Parent Partnership

Creating a parent partnership with you so we work together caring for your child’s education and academic confidence.


Parents Choose Private Tutoring for many reasons: 

  • Build your child's confidence.
  • Ensure your child is up to speed.
  • ICAS preparation in English and Maths.  
  • Support for students moving from primary school, to intermediate and to secondary school. 
  • Exam and Assessment preparation
  • Improve schoolwork following a dip in grades on a school report.
  • Catch up following a bout of illness or unexpected family set-back. 
  • Support your child when a specific learning difficulty is suspected or diagnosed.


We believe in a strong partnership with you as parents as it is vital to a child's success and will communicate with you at every opportunity. 

How we Work with You

The partnership starts at the FREE ASSESSMENT when you let us know about what goals you have for your child. You choose the subject or areas that you would like us to work on with your child in the lessons.

Feedback to Parents

Every month Sarah-Louise will talk to you about your child’s progress, to let you know what your child has learned and any specific strengths or concerns that we have noted. 

Changing a Child's Programme

We work for you, the parents. If you would like us to modify the overall lesson focus or perhaps to concentrate on a certain subject or topic, just let us know. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals for your child.

Written Reports

You will always have up-to-date information from us about your child's progress because of the parent feedback  Additionally, we can provide written reports from our system that provide more specific details about the lessons your child has covered and the successes experienced.  Please just ask.

Scores Achieved During Lessons

Please note that the scores children achieve at  may be different from what you would expect at school. This is because the methods we use provide every opportunity for each child to succeed, thus building confidence and self-esteem. So scores of 80 to 100% are relatively common. In fact it's what we expect and it's what we want children to achieve. We continually revise topics as necessary and will let you know if your child is having difficulties with any topics.


"I would like to thank you as the one constant in Olivia's maths study course who has guided her through the last 4 years. Through your hard work and patience Olivia has passed her NCEA.

Kenneth, Parent 


"Sarah-Louise has enabled my children’s confidence to grow in an area they have struggled with for years. Sarah-Louise’s enthusiasm and positive nature has ensured that sessions are fun and packed with praise. My children in turn are keen to learn and enjoy a subject which previously they did not like.”

Sue, Parent